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Why Population One is the best VR Game

If you’re looking for one of the best VR Games at the moment look no further. Today we reviewed Population One in great detail. ( and yes we read the feedback about our other VR shooters review). Many readers were upset that we didn’t include Population in the Shooters list but to us the Game offers so much more.

The world of virtual reality gaming offers some truly unique experiences, ranging from explosive action adventures to casual hang-outs with friends. In the immersive and engaging world of VR, there are no shortage of shooting games to play, but one stands out from the rest. Population One is a virtual reality battle royale game that was developed by Big Box VR and was released on the Oculus Quest and Steam platforms.

While we already covered the best VR shooting games available right now, we felt that Population One was deserving of its very own discussion, as it’s truly one of the best experiences in VR as of yet. We also listened to the feedback of our previous review and agree that Population one deserved a spot in the list. If you’ve yet to plunge into the wild world of Population One or are simply looking for fantastic VR battle royale games to play, this is one you should download and try!

Side Note: If you are an Oculus user ( now called Meta ) you can buy and play the game for up to 2 hours to try. If you get motion sick for example the Company will refund your purchase no questions asked. Please check the Oculus refund Policy but to our knowledge you have up to 2 hours to try a game! Population one is one of the best VR games at the moment but some report motion sickness.

The Basics of Population One

In concept, Population One plays very similarly to other battle royale games. Joining up with a few friends (or random teammates), you and your squad descend onto a map packed with guns to wield and items to find. The map is pretty sizable all things considered, as there are tons of awesome locations to explore, including a creepy cemetery, rustic farmlands, an industrial refinery, and more.

As you weave your way through the various buildings and structures of the map, you’ll battle against 24 players in a fight to be the last gunner standing. However, despite the seemingly simple setup, Population One blows past its competition with smart design and interesting gameplay mechanics. Some call Population one the VR Fortnite actually ( although we are quite positive that Epic Games is looking into their own Fornite VR version)

For starters, Population One has a lot more verticality than your standard battle royale game, with tons of skyscrapers, outposts, and high ground to claim. Getting to the top of any structure provides an immediate advantage, so you’ll often find yourself scurrying to the highest spot possible.

Population One Gameplay

This is made easier thanks to the game’s climbing feature, which lets you scamper your way up walls like Spider-Man. And now imagine doing that in Virtual Reality. You will ave to move your arms to climb up although you don’t have to carry your real bodyweight).

Without needing any extra items or tools, players can pull themselves directly up the side of buildings, find cover in high-up nooks and crannies, and much more. Plus, with the ability to glide at any time, you’ll never have to worry about fall damage.

Between the shooting, looting, climbing, and flying, you might think Population One is hectic enough. However, the game adds on yet another element of strategy in the form of building. Similar to the ever-popular battle royale game Fortnite, players can build structures piece-by-piece, laying down walls and ceilings to make impromptu cover. While it takes a while to learn, being proficient at building can make or break your match, especially as the storm circle becomes smaller and smaller.

Just like Fortnite, building smart in Population One can lead to some awesome wins, making you feel like a true master tactician.

Why Population One is the Best VR Game

Population One is an excellent game already, but thanks to frequent updates and new game modes, it has the legs to remain the best VR battle royale game for several years. By default, the main game mode is Squads, which supports teams of up to three players at once. However, popular modes like Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch are rotated in as limited-time modes.

You can also enjoy various seasonal events, as Population One has celebrated holidays like Halloween with fun additional modes.

There are also major updates made to Population One every few weeks, bringing in everything from new weapons and items to brand new map locations. In the most recent update, Metropolis, a glitzy neon-drenched city was added to the game, serving as the prime location for firefights.

Population One Metropolis Map launch trailer

Due to the game’s vertical nature, a single new location offers tons of new places to shoot and loot, with hidden rooms and hide-outs to find. The Metropolis update even added swords to the loot pool, letting you get up close and personal with foes.

In short, if you are looking for the best VR battle royale game on Oculus Quest, Population One fits the bill. The gunplay feels smooth and responsive, the climbing and building add new levels of strategy, and the rotating game modes ensure that things will never get too repetitive. It’s a joy to play by yourself or with friends, especially when you don’t take things too seriously.

Other Population One Reviews & Scores on Steam and Oculus

Population One on Steam

Population one has mostly positive reviews on Steam. The Game also has a 4.7 Rating in the Oculus Store. It is one of the highest rated Game and has a big fan Base already.

Source: Oculus Store. Population one has a 4.7 Rating out of more than 10.000 Reviews

Another big plus is that the Developer is updating the game regularly. New Maps and Fixes are constantly being added. The Game costs $29.99 in the Oculus Quest Store and we believe it is worth every cent.

One big problem with Population One exists though. Many have reported some kind of Motion Sickness with the Game.

So, the next time you put on your VR headset and want to dive into an action-packed world of competition, try out Population One!


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5 months ago

I love this Game! Population one is the fortnite of VR. Best battle royal by far.

5 months ago

I read your other review before and was also wondering why you guys ignored population one. This is by far the best game on the oculus right now! I prob spend 10 hours a week in metropolis right now.

And big thanks to the developers. The frequent updates you mention are true. They always add something new to the game

5 months ago

I think this is what vr was made for. Free worlds where you can do almost anything you want

Climb run around fly shoot whatever. It’s a great Game. I wonder if fortnite is working on a vr version. They better be fast because population one is eating their lunch on vr now

5 months ago

I can play population one for hours and never get bored. Best multiplayer shooter for the Quest 2 by far! The other good one you guys could write about is after the fall!

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