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Ubisoft developers worried about putting NFTs in their games, French union asking Ubisoft to stop working on NFTs

Last week Ubisoft revealed its new NFT Quartz tech platform. As we previously reported the NFT announcement didn’t go well for Ubisoft. The announcement that Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon would be the first game to implement NFTs was downvoted on YouTube over 40,000 times.

Now it turns out that even many Ubisoft developers have no idea what to think of the publisher’s new NFT projects.

In a post announcing Quartz on Ubisoft’s internal social media hub, MANA, filled up with questions and concerns from developers across the company. Some developers didn’t understand which problems the new tech would actually solve.

Others seem to be worried about receiving mandates to start integrating NFTs into their own games. One Ubisoft Developer wrote:

“I still don’t really understand the ‘problem’ being solved here…is it really worth the (extremely) negative publicity this will cause?” Another asked, “How can you look at private property, speculation, artificial scarcity, and egoism, then say ‘yes this is good, I want that, let’s put it in art?’”

Anonymous Ubisoft employee.

Game Critics don’t seem to like the NFT move either. YouTube game critic SkillUp tweeted this :

The helmet and Breakpoint’s other NFTs aren’t being sold for money at the moment. While they can be worn like other cosmetics, they don’t affect how the game is played either. Instead, they’re trophies for early adopters.

The French union representing Ubisoft Paris, Solidaires Informatique, in a blog post today was blasting the new initiative and is even asking for the Company to stop working on the NFT technology altogether:

Screenshot of English translation (google translate) Source
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