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The 6 Best VR Workout Games for the Meta Quest 2

Most people assume that Virtual Reality is reserved for the Metaverse and fully immersive video games, but this could not be further from the truth. The Platform is very versatile and offers experiences for all ages and tastes. Virtual Reality for example has made it possible to transform your home into a full gym through VR Workout Apps (or some call them VR Workout Games) We made a list today with some of the best apps for the Meta Quest 2.

It becomes harder every day for people to go the gym or engage in outdoor activities. Aside from the fear of using public spaces that emerged after the COVID 19 pandemic, our lives continue to change. Working from home has become the norm for millions of people, access to delivery services for food and other household items has made it an inconvenience to venture into the outside world, and the availability of at home workouts has made it easier to stay healthy and fit at home.

Sometimes, however, you may find it difficult to engage in at home workouts because of being used to the same surroundings every day. Virtual Reality has made it possible for you to workout at home but with exciting environments and activities that inspire movement. 

Can you get a Great Workout in Virtual Reality?

The short answer is yes. You will burn calories doing VR workouts. Of course this will depend on your weight, height and intensity but it comes close to a light workout. VR fitness is a great way to stay fit and remain motivated because you can access numerous games and apps that are designed to be fun while keeping you fit. VR technology continues to evolve every day. You may find it hard to associate Virtual Reality and working out, but it is important to understand that Virtual Reality simply changes what you see – your body can still move freely when you are in Virtual Reality.

So what are the best VR Workout Games / Apps for the Meta Quest 2?

VR fitness can combat boredom by combining normal workout routines with exciting activities, goal-tracking, and rewards. VR fitness blurs the line between exercises and entertainment. If you are interested in transforming your workout experience through VR fitness, here are the 6 best apps that you can download from the Oculus Store:


FitXR has been called the best mix of video gaming and working out; and for good reason. This VR workout app is great for Boxing, HIIT, and Dance Fitness Workouts. It is a great app for beginners, but intermediate and advanced users can also enjoy its features. FitXR is designed and choreographed by a team of professional fitness instructors. There is a new class every day of the week, and users can choose between Boxing, HIIT, and dance Workouts.

Aside from the highly effective exercise classes available, users can enjoy fresh music that is quite motivational when you are pushing through workouts. They can also choose different environments and workout with a different scene every time. In addition, users can also workout with up to 6 friends in real time. It is a great way to stay motivated and leads our list of the Best VR Workout Games.

Fitness and VR Youtuber Otterwordly made a really great Review of the app if you are interested you can watch it here:


The Les Mills Brand BODYCOMBAT workout combines fitness mixed with martial arts. This VR workout app contains workouts that span boxing, speed, core exercises, lower body exercises, and more. The LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT workouts are choreographed and designed by Rachel Newsham and Dan Cohen. Aside from jabs, hooks and uppercuts, users also squat and slip into dodge walls. Throw sky punches and hammer punches to break targets, and grab targets to slam with their knees. If you want to get a feel about the workout then checkout Otterwordly’s Les Mills BodyCombat review here:

LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT workouts also have local and global leaderboards that keep users motivated by encouraging healthy competition. They are also a great way to keep you and your family entertained and fit because the workouts utilize movement patterns from karate, boxing, kung fu, kickboxing, taekwondo, capoeira, and muay thai. These disciplines work the entire body.

Btw if you believe that VR is just a Fad you might be misinformed. The VR Market is expected to grow by 10x in the next 3 years already. In my video this isn’t going anywhere.


Holofit offers over 100 workout options with regular updates. This app makes cardio workouts interactive, motivating, and fun. Users can run, cycle, ski, or row as well as indulge in combo full-body workouts in 15 different, amazing worlds. Members of the Holofit community can compete against each other, which is a great motivator. Youtuber VR Game Reviews made a not so flattering review about Holofit. You can check the video below. While we enjoyed the app we found it important to also show a critical review as well so you can build yourself a better picture about the entire Holofit experience:


Liteboxer VR workout app has over 500 workouts which include 400 trainer-led classes and 100 Punch Tracks (songs from Universal Music’s catalog with pre-programmed patterns for you to punch to the beat. 

Liteboxer provides engaging and unbeatable full-body boxing workouts by combining advanced technology, music, and expert training on one easily accessible platform. These workouts are designed by professional trainers, and the goal is to ensure that users are fully immersed into the experience so that they feel like they are training with a personal trainer present.


VZ fit use the power of Virtual reality to turn playing, exploring, and having fun into a way to stay fit. You can use it while standing or on a stationary bike by pairing it with a cadence sensor. Users can ride to any corner of the world and get a full-body cardio workout. Using Google Street View, users can experience the beauty of our planet by riding on over 10 million miles of road.

VZfit allows users to create their own ride and share it as well as track their own stats and progress. To customize your rider, all you need to do is ride and earn coins.

Guided Tai Chi

Guided tai Chi VR workout app offers over 200 Tai Chi inspired workouts that you can indulge in across 20 beautiful nature settings. You can choose a preferred workout length from 3 minutes to 60 minutes sessions. 

Guided Tai Chi allows users to let go of tension and stress with 100 meditative sessions in FLOW MODE. FLOW MODE is a perfect gateway to the concept of Tai Chi for beginners.  For experienced users, Guided Tai Chi VR workout app allows you to compete with users across the globe and win points for perfect form across 100 sessions in ARCADE MODE. It is a great way to strengthen and tone your body while relaxing your mind. With the adjustable settings, you can also customize your workout to fit your unique needs.

Curious about the Guided Tai Chi experience? Check the video below:

Today, Virtual reality is more accessible because you can use the power of your smartphone to access whatever you want through your VR headset. There are numerous apps that you can use in order to remain physically active, but there are VR apps that are designed to specifically target health and fitness. Regular fitness routines are effective, but it can be really difficult to keep a routine exciting and motivating for extended periods of time. 

Not interested in VR Workouts? You might like our list of the best VR shooter Games for the Meta Quest 2.

We hope our short review will help you to find the Best VR Workout Games that fit your criteria. Stay fit and healthy!


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6 months ago

For anybody that thinks that VR workouts aren’t real I dare you to try those! You will be sweating your … off. Especially the boxing workouts are intense.

5 months ago
Reply to  Fit37

100% agreed I sweat like crazy when I play the thrill boxing game

6 months ago

Good list but should also add Supernatural. Highly rated VR workout app! I think its one of the best!

6 months ago

I enjoy FitXR a lot. it helped me lose 10 pounds. Especially when my gym was closed during covid ( or stupid and endless restrictions)

6 months ago

Great list of workout apps! Thanks for sharing I loaded me 2 of those on my Quest 2 and will check them out myself.

5 months ago

I tried some of them and it’s not for me. My head gets too sweaty with the headsets on. I enjoyed the vr workouts but maybe I workout too intense or I need to wear a sweatband

Hopefully the next oculus will be more comfortable

5 months ago

So the following line, written in the 4th paragraph……
“Of course this will depend on your weight, height and intensity but it comes close to a light workout.”
This comment tells me that the writer has no freaking clue about workouts and VR. What does height have anything to do with burning calories? And actually, same with weight. Sure…the heavier you are the more calories you can possibly burn.
And he left out several of the most popular apps people use to actually work out. Such as….
Beat Saber
Audio Trip
Synth Riders (My fave…lost 22 pounds in 13 months using it)
and others.

Just another example of how you should NOT expect articles on the internet to be written by someone that knows the subject

5 months ago
Reply to  Skip

I personally use beat saber for my vr “workouts” and from the list have only tried holodia and didn’t like it

but the author is right that the heavier you are the more calories you burn. Its more of a technicality

like lets say you’re 100 pounds and someone else is 200 pounds
the 200 pound person will burn MORE calories in the same time and same intensity as you

height is prob negligible

5 months ago
Reply to  Skip

thanks for the feedback Skip. We had a fitness editor review it before releasing and the person approved the height/weight difference ( as in burning more calories )

The other Apps are music / workout games and we will include them in a new updated version of the article asap.

Supernatural is unfortunately only available for users in the US now. Thats why it was excluded. Our editor in Australia wasn’t able to test it

5 months ago

The best VR Workout is Beatsaber. Lots of movement and fun!

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