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Spunge Games’ long awaited VR Shooter Dead Second launches on Oculus and SideQuestVR

Update: We added a review of the Dead Second VR Game. You can find the video below. We also reached out to the Developers and they assured us that new Levels are coming soon. The new Levels will be free for any existing customer.

Original Article:

The long awaited VR Shooter Dead Second by Australian game developer Spunge Games just launched on Oculus and SideQuestVR. The announcements are just coming in so the it is possible that the Game will be on more platforms during the day.

The Game is available via the Oculus App Lab and is expected to move to the main store after some more testing.

Game Director Sean Edwards announced the launch on his official Twitter account about an hour ago:

We will review the game in the coming days. Update: We couldn’t wait so here is the review:

Stay tuned. For now check out the official Dead Second VR trailer below:

About the Game:

You’re a righteous ‘GUN FOR HIRE’ taking care of the CORRUPT and WICKED throughout the city.​ Governments have fallen into disarray, Corporations and Private Military Contractors rule the streets.​ Take on a series of ‘ASSIGNMENTS’ and make them pay!​ The ‘DEAD SECOND’ is a bullet time reaction system. ​ Defeating an enemy activates a momentary bullet time slow motion giving you a chance to dodge incoming enemy fire. Chaining a quick succession of takedowns boosts your Score, Time & Accuracy points. Progress through the Ranks and unlock additional Guns & Cosmetics on your way to the top of the Leaderboards.

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