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Rockstar Games Cuts Transphobic Content in GTA 5 Remastered

Rockstar Games has removed transphobic content from its Grand Theft Auto 5 current-gen versions, including PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

One Reddit user, JayProspero, took to the GTA Online subreddit after discovering that the developer had replaced the Captain Spacetoy Interstellar action figure from the in-game arcade . The post, which featured a screenshot comparison between the PS4 and PS5 versions, shows that the original action figure wore a pink leotard of sorts, and had “interchangeable genitalia” on the packaging. Now, the current-gen version shows the figure wearing a new outfit, with the message on the front now reading “posable vomit direction” instead.

Additionally, Kirsty Cloud, an administrator for GTA fan site GTANet, also pointed out on Twitter that Rockstar has removed trans caricatures that were labelled as “drag queens” in the game from their spawning spot outside of Cockatoos.

According to Kirsty Cloud, “This could be following a plea from OutMakingGames last year,” referencing a group of LGBTQ+ games professionals that requested the removal of the offensive GTA 5 content in an open letter to Rockstar a while ago.

As of today however, the models still exist in Director Mode, although the NPCs’ dialogue options have been removed. “Presumably this means protagonist dialogue lines to these NPCs about using hormones etc are therefore unused now too,” Cloud added.

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5 months ago

Thats great news for the LGBT Community

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