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Nvidia CEO expects global chip shortage to last into 2022

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang expects the current global chip shortage to impact the company’s production line into the next couple of years.

In an Interview with Yahoo, Huang said that he expects “demand to far exceed supply” through to 2022, particularly the demand for graphics cards.

“We don’t have any magic bullets in navigating the supply chain,” Huang said. “We have the support of our suppliers. We’re fortunate that we’re multi-sourced and that our supply chain is diverse and our company is quite large so we have the support of a large ecosystem around us.”

The company’s expectations also line up with the predictions of several other manufacturing firms.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger also told Yahoo last month that the company expects shortages to last into 2023.

Sony has lowered its production target for the fiscal year by around one million PS5 consoles to reflect ongoing manufacturing constraints.

Nintendo is also affected. The Japanese firm has also stated that the “semiconductor situation is having some effect on hardware development”. Because of that Nintendo has also scaled back its full-year production estimates.

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