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New Tencent Job Posting Hints Metaverse Developments

Tencent Holdings’ job postings show that the company is preparing to enter metaverse development. This comes right after Facebook recently confirmed that it is planning to rebrand the giant social media platform. 

According to South China Morning Post‘s latest report, the new job vacancies of Tencent are specifically for the new gaming studio called “F1.”  

The alleged F1 gaming studio is expected to be established under the Chinese company’s subsidiary, TiMi Studio Group.

Some rumors claimed that Tencent would form its new subsidiary by hiring gaming and VR experts from the United States, Singapore, Canada, and China. 

As of today however, Tencent Holdings still hasn’t released any statement about the latest metaverse development rumors.

The Tencent website’s career page showed that the Chinese game developer is offering 46 different positions. The Company is already the largest video gaming business by revenue across the globe and it appears that the Company has an appetite for massive growth.

in 2019 Pony Ma Huateng, the founder, chairman and chief executive of Tencent, already talked about the Metaverse:

“This is a leap from a quantitative change to a qualitative change,” Ma wrote. “It means that online and offline will become one. The physical and the digital will merge.”

If the company really pushed its alleged metaverse technology, consumers can definitely expect a better gaming experience and VR.

We will keep you posted about further developments of the Tencent Games Metaverse.

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