Microsoft receiving heat for adding “buy now, pay later” option into Edge browser

Microsoft has sparked criticism for building in a “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) option into its Edge web browser, beginning in the US.

The option allows Edge to suggest a sponsored BNPL payment method when customers begin entering their card numbers into retail sites. Even if specific sites do not offer it themselves.

Microsoft has signed a deal with third-party BNPL company Zip to feature the sign-up option on retail checkout pages at browser level. This feature will pop up for any purchase Edge detects between $35 to $1000.

Microsoft Edge Buy Now Pay Later Popup when ordering

Microsoft first announced these plans a couple of weeks ago for the development build of its browser, Microsoft Edge Canary. But, as of today, these changes are now arriving publicly, to anyone with Edge’s v64 update.

“This is not a feature that should be native in any browser. It’s unwanted bloat and an obvious cash grab,” one user commented at the time. “Please reconsider and offer this as an extension if it needs to exist at all.”

Last year Microsoft partnered with BNPL firm Klarna in the UK for its Xbox All Access scheme, which let customers pre-order an Xbox Series X/S for a fixed monthly fee. In February, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority announced it would step in to regulate the growing BNPL sector following the publication of a critical report into BNPL practices.

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