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Meta Platforms’ latest Gaming Acquisitions

There is a lot of talk about Meta Platforms ( formerly Facebook ) move into the VR space and especially Metaverse so today I wanted to share a list of Meta’s latest Gaming acquisitions.

A lot of those purchases are done under the radar and don’t get much media attention but in my view they show a clear picture of Meta’s seriousness about VR Gaming and the Metaverse in general.

I will also update this list from time to time but lets begin with their latest Purchase:

Within in October 2021

In October 2021 Oculus Studio quietly bought Within for an undisclosed sum. According to a report from The Information, the deal price was to be “$400+ million,” citing two unnamed sources. Within is mainly known for their popular VR Workout App Supernatural. Supernatural is one of the highest ranked VR fitness apps in the Oculus Store with an average rating of 4.7 as of today. The Company also produces VR Video content such as Vice News VR

BigBox VR in June 2021

In June last year Oculus Studios also acquired Big Box VR. Big Box VR is mainly known for their Battle Royale Game : Population One. We recently reviewed Population One and ranked it the best Game on VR at the moment. Bix Box VR is based in Seattle and the purchase price is also undisclosed. It appears as if Meta is eager to buy the top VR game makers on their platform.

Unit 2 Games in June 2021

Early in June Meta also acquired Unit 2 Games for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition was done via Facebook Gaming. Unit 2 Games is mainly known for Crayta and is based in the UK. Crayta is a collaborative game creation and publishing platform. The Game is not yet in VR but it wouldn’t surprise me if the company is working on a version for the Meta Quest headset. At the moment the Game can be played via Steam and Stadia.

Downpour Interactive in April 2021

In April 2021 Meta Platforms acquired Onward Maker Downpour Interactive for an undisclosed sum. Onward is one of the most popular VR shooters and Meta decided to put it under their umbrella.

Ready at Dawn in June 2020

One of the earlier acquisitions by Meta Platforms was Lone Echo maker Ready at Dawn. Facebook acquired the company in 2020 already through Oculus Studios. The purchase price was not disclosed but we can see a pattern emerge here. Oculus seems to be buying popular VR Game makers early on.

Sanzaru Games in February 2020

California based Sanzaru Games was acquired by Oculus Studios in 2020 already. The Game has not released a Game since 2019 and their next titles are not known at the moment. We will keep you posted about future developments by this Game Studio. Meta found it important enough to acquire the Asgarth’s Wrath maker. It is also possible that Meta was interested in the Company’s talent.

PlayGiga in 2019

Facebook acquired the Cloud Gaming platform in 2019 already. The site is down and it appears that the Acquisition was just tech/talent related. Although we can only speculate.

Beat Games in 2019

Beat Games was Meta’s first big Acquisition in the VR space and the Company is famous for its popular Beat Saber Game. Beat Saber is one of the most popular Games on VR now. The Game has more than 50,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. The Czech based Studio keeps updating the game and new versions are expected to be launched in the future

Earlier this year Meta also made an investment in Tokyo-based mobile gaming company Playco earlier this year. Meta invested $40 million for an undisclosed stake in the Company.

finviz dynamic chart for  fb

As you can see a lot is happening in the world of Meta and we are looking forward to their future VR Games and experiences.


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5 months ago

Amazing how this doesn’t get any attention first time I heard that they own population one. Last year they did some quiet moves it seems

5 months ago

This is the future. Mark Zuckerberg understands this very well

5 months ago

$400 Million for Supernatural ? That’s insane I tried it its alright but why so much? He must’ve seen more in it than me

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