MercurySteam working on third-person action-RPG codenamed “Project Iron”, IP Co owned with Digital Bros

MercurySteam, the developer behind this year’s critically acclaimed Metroid Dread Game, has announced that it’s working on a new third-person action-RPG. The game will be “set in a dark fantasy world”.

Details on the new title with the Codename Project Iron, are limited, but it’s described as a brand-new IP intended for a multi-platform global release. Project Iron’s initial development investment is set at €27m, and the IP will be co-owned by MercurySteam and Digital Bros. Digital Bros is the Italian parent company of 505 Games, which is co-publishing the game.

“We are thrilled to work with the team at MercurySteam, a proven studio that over the years has created
numerous phenomenal IPs – including the recent hit release Metroid Dread in partnership with Nintendo”

“With MercurySteam’s creative vision and talent and 505 Games extensive experience, gamers can expect a high-quality, captivating and engaging videogame.”

commented Raffi and Rami Galante, co-CEOs of Digital Bros Group

MercurySteam was founded in 2002. The Game Stuido made its mark with the release of 2010’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and would go on to develop two more entries in Konami’s rebooted series. It later partnered with Nintendo on 2017’s Metroid: Samus Returns and revisited the franchise earlier this year for Switch’s enormously well-received Metroid Dread.

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