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Lava Labs raises $10 million to build Multiplayer Web3 Game AFAR

Lava Labs, the game development studio, has managed to raise over $10 million for the development of its flagship game – A Far Away Realm (AFAR).

Animoca Brands, Razer Computer, Weak Simp Cap, Dapper Labs, Maven11 were among the Investors. Investors also included individuals like Gabby Dizon of Yield Guild Games, Nick Chong, and Santiago R Santos.

“Lava Labs is on a path to become the Pixar of Web3. It’s led by an extraordinarily creative and talented team and executing at a mind-blowing pace. When you see the gameplay in AFAR the immediate reaction is ‘this game and this team are fully next level’.”

Along with these new funds, Lava Labs is gearing up for its upcoming land sale, in which it’ll sell over 10,000 plots of land to its community. For players, these plots of land will be completely useable within a mini-game while the main game undergoes development.

AFAR is a competitive multiplayer title where 25-players compete against each other across 4 rounds of 4-minute bouts. Players collect points, buffs and weapons during their race to the finish line: the next spaceship leaving the planet.

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6 months ago

Congrats to the company. I have mixed feelings about this whole web3 thing but wish them all the best

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