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Farming Simulator 22 breaks all records, 1.5 million copies sold

The newest Farming Simulator sold more than 1.5 million copies. Farming Simulator 22 debuted for PC, Mac, consoles and Google’s Stadia on November 22 and reached this sales milestone within its first week.

According to stats from SteamDB, the game even managed to beat Battlefield 2042 on Steam. Farming Simulator achieved a 24-hour peak of 93,782 players over the course of the week. SteamDB’s Twitter post on this record breaking Performance:

It’s an interesting release for developer Giants Software as it represents the company’s first venture into self-publishing. Farming Simulator 22 became a big debut for Giants as a publisher.

“I’m so proud of the team and the prospering environment it thrives in,”… “Being able to successfully build international structures to transfer an already huge series like Farming Simulator into a self-published brand with new impulses is not to take for granted. The great collaboration with our partners ensured a fantastic launch.”

said Giants Software CEO Christian Ammann

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