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All you need to know about French Game Publisher Nacon

Are you interested in learning more about Nacon? Then you are in the right place. We wanted to start a new series on our Gaming News Site where we discuss amazing Gaming Companies that might be unknown. A lot of our website’s visitors are Investors in the Gaming Space so we figured this information might be of value to them.

In this article we want to break down what Nacon owns and how they operate so let’s dig in. If you follow the Company make sure you bookmark our Nacon News page for the latest updates about the Company.

Nacon is a French video game company based in Lesquin. It designs and distributes gaming accessories, and publishes and distributes video games for various platforms.

Nacon was previiously known as a part of Bigben Interactive. In 2020 Bigben Group was consolidated to form Nacon. From that moment on Nacon was listed on the French Stock exchange. Big Ben Interactive still owns about 85% of the Company.

Nacon Stock Performance since it’s IPO in 2021

Nacon Stock Investors had a turbulent ride since the company did their IPO. People that bought on the day of the IPO are still down 3% as of April 5 2022.

What does Nacon own?

Nacon’s Goal is to become a major player when it comes to AAA Games. Since the Company’s IPO Nacon has been very active in aquiring Companies. In January 2021, Nacon announced that it had acquired Australian video game developer Big Ant Studios. In August 2021, Nacon acquired Crea-ture Studios. In October 2021, Nacon acquired Ishtar Games. In February 2022, Nacon acquired Midgar Studio. Nacon announced its intent to acquire Daedalic Entertainment for an estimated $60 million in February 2022, with the deal to close by the end of 2022. As you can see the Company was quite active and is putting its Money to work. The Company appears to be serious about growing their Company. Nacon video games are quite popular and one of their most popular game at the moment is : WRC 10, Rugby 22 and the new Skateboarding Game Session.

Nacon Games on Steam

What are Nacon’s most Popular Games and Accessories?

Nacon has many different divisions. The Company Publishes Games ( and also distributes) but the french Company is also known for its gaming accessories & peripherals. Nacon produces high end controllers for the xbox and playstation. The Company also recently acquired gaming headset maker Riq. Nacon is also famous for its Nacon PS4 Controllers which are also used by professional Gamers.

Their recent product MG X Pro also lets you turn your phone into a gaming console ( similar to steamdeck but the Nacon MG X Pro requires a phone).

Nacon MG X Pro

So as you can see Nacon is more than just a Game Publisher. The French Company makes Peripherals.

How is the Nacon Stock Performance?

As mentioned above the Company’s Stock had a bad performance so far since its IPO. The Company moved up to almost 9 EUR a share last year and then lost about 50% of its Value since then. But this doesn’t make it a bad investment moving forward.

We hope our quick overview gave you some details about Nacon and what the Company does.


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5 months ago

I’m a Nacon shareholder and I am very excited about the coming years. The Company is just getting started. Thanks for the write up !

5 months ago

Undervalued company in my eyes. They’ve been very aggressively acquiring companies over the last couple of months.

And they’re still hungry. The company is also profitable so the steady Cashflows will just get reinvested into new acquisitions for nacon. Nice company

5 months ago
Reply to  Thedon

agreed! I started buying stocks of Nacon a few months ago when they were like 5 eur a share. Close to 6 now and this Company is just getting started

5 months ago

Awesome that you guys are making posts about the Company. It is hard to find good articles about nacon online. Most is in french

5 months ago

Nacon is one of the most undervalued stocks in gaming. They are cash flow positive and they keep buying studios. Nacon Games will be massive in a few years from now!

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