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Activision CEO is addressing workplace issues in open letter to employees

In an open letter to its staff Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was adressing some of the recent issues Activision Blizzard was facing. Among other things the Company was facing a sexual harassment scandal and reports of a toxic work environment.

The letter was written on October 28 but today the Company also announced that they will be “investing $250M to expand opportunities for diverse talent across the gaming and tech industries”. This was announced in a Twitter post by the Company today:

It appears the Company is serious about improving their image. A few days ago we reported that:

In this new Letter the CEO is addressing some of the other issues and mentions that the Company is implementing a zero tolerance policy:

“As a result, we are implementing a zero-tolerance policy across Activision Blizzard that will be applied consistently.  Our goal is to have the strictest harassment and non-retaliation policies of any employer, and we will continue to examine and tighten our standards to achieve this goal everywhere we do business.”

Investors will likely be happy to hear that the Company is finally addressing some of the issues. Activision Blizzard Stock, which is trading under the ticker ATVI, is having a tough year so far:

Activision Blizzard Stock YTD Performance
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