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7 of the most interesting Blockchain Gaming Coins today

Blockchain gaming companies raised $476 million in 2021 already and since this is a new industry, gaming coins could have serious growth potential. Today we wanted to present some of the most interesting Gaming Coin Projects to date.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be investment advice. Investing in Cryptocurrency can be volatile and risky.

Gaming coins combine two extremely popular industries: crypto and video games. Many are online games that use a cryptocurrency as the in-game currency. If you’re interested in Blockchain Gaming make sure you read our articles here.

Solana based Game Monkeyball just raised Money. The Market for Gaming Coins is certainly hot.

7 of the most interesting Gaming coins to watch

Here are some of the best gaming coins to watch and consider as an investment:

Axie Infinity (Market Cap: $7.31bn)

Axie Infinity is a NFT-based game where players collect, trade, and battle creatures.

Axie was originally inspired by Pokémon and Axie Infinity lets players buy, trade, and battle creatures called Axies. These Axies are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and you need to buy at least three to start playing.

One reason the game is so popular is because players can earn AXS gaming tokens for playing. Some players report earning hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of crypto per month by playing.

Early investors in the coin must be ecstatic with Axie Infinity’s Coin performance. It was worth about $0.54 at the beginning of 2021 and would later surpass $150, an increase of more than 28,000%.

The Sandbox (Market Cap: $650m)

The Sandbox platform allows users to create 3D worlds and games. The Sandbox is a decentralized platform where players create their own 3D game worlds using visual scripting tools, which means no coding knowledge is required. Players make games and store assets on LAND, The Sandbox’s digital real estate.

The Sandbox is powered by the SAND Tokens. Players use these tokens for in-game transactions, such as buying equipment and LAND. There are a limited number of LAND plots available. Only 166,464 will exist, and some have sold for more than $50,000 already.

Enjin Coin (Market Cap: $1.33m)

The company behind this cryptocurrency, Enjin, offers software development kits.

Game Developers can use these kits to create digital assets, such as in-game currencies or special items, for their blockchain games.

Enjin Coin started 2021 at $0.13 and had risen to $4 in April. The price dipped after that, and since then, it hasn’t grown as much as other major gaming coins. However, this cryptocurrency’s versatility could help it do well in the future.

Decentraland (Market Cap : $1.35m )

One of the most interesting blockchain projects today. Decentraland is a world where players can own land that they use for games, art, activities, and more.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a shared virtual reality platform. Similar to other virtual worlds, it offers plots called LAND that players can purchase and use however they want.

Decentraland is still in the early stages of building its user base, with monthly user numbers in the hundreds. That’s a double-edged sword for prospective investors.

My Neighbor Alice (Market Cap : $260m)

A new blockchain game that’s still in the testing phase, My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer farm and builder game.

Players can buy land spread around six islands, farm it, and buy animals from the marketplace. It has a lighthearted design that will remind many gamers of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series

Illuvium (Market Cap: $460m)

This new Game is set to launch in 2022. Illuvium is an open-world RPG with elements of the Final Fantasy and Pokémon games.

Illuvium’s price and market cap have risen significantly in anticipation of the game’s release.

Yield Guild Games (Market Cap: $410m)

Yield Guild Games is another new project which just launched in July 2021.

Over the next month, it rose in price by almost 550%, but then it lost more than half its value. Considering how important NFTs are to blockchain gaming, Yield Guild Games has a clear use case, and it could do well if the industry keeps growing.

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